Each time an employee crosses the border, both employer and employee need to be aware of the possible tax and social security consequences. Depending on details such as the length of the stay or the salary payment, tax or premiums may be due abroad. Next to the regular employment income, special items such as a performance bonus, stock option income or pensioen entitlements may require further investigation.

For individuals we can advise on the personal tax and social security position. This can be done through a meeting, a written advice or any other way you want. If you are an employer, we can advise on all tax and social security implications related to the employment activities abroad. Ideally we are already involved before start of the activities abroad. However, if you missed out on this opportunity we can also help with repairing existing cases you have.

Tax planning

Nobody likes to pay tax. But paying taxes in two countries can be quite rewarding. A so-called 'salary split' could reduce your overall tax burden.


We can prepare any calculation you can think of. From a simple gross to net calculation to a full scale salary split with multiple countries involved.

Share based incentives

It can be hard to tell the difference between restricted shares, RSU's and options. Since each plan has it's own rules, solid advice is essential.

Severance payments

We can help with the international allocation of your severance payment, the application of the 30% ruling and the taxation during garden leave.

International pension

Are you about to receive pension payments from another country? We canadvise you on the tax treatment to avoid any surprises.

Tax equalization

Tax equalization is basically a 'no better, no worse' agreement. We can help with personal deductions, year end calculations and more.

Glomotion academy

Is your HR team interested in learning more about cross-border taxation, international payroll or social security? Maybe you want to inform your recruiters about the ins and outs of the 30% ruling? Glomotion academy can help! Have a look at the different modules and combine them to create your own global mobility training. 

misconception #4

"Because I'm tax equalized, I don’t have to pay any tax when filing my income tax return"