When it comes to larger expat populations, effectively managing the global mobility program can be quite challenging. An organized and comprehensive approach to global mobility is essential. All too often individual departments deal with global mobility issues on an ad hoc basis without coordination. This makes it very hard to keep track of the progress and / or costs of an assignment.

A global mobility policy that integrates HR, immigration, tax, social security and payroll will improve the overall effectiveness of your assignments. In order to enforce a policy it’s important that all provisions are up to date. Glomotion can assist with drawing up a completely new expat policy. We can also review your current policy and advise on possible improvements.

Policy advice

If you are thinking about implementing an expat policy, you might need some assistance. We can advice on the next steps based on best practices.

Policy application

If you have a policy, it's important that the policy applies to all assignees. Since every assignment is unique, this might require some persuasion.

New policy

We can write a full expat policy. We will involve you during the entire process to ensure that everyone is on board with the final document.

The Dutch 30% ruling

The Netherlands are famous for a few things. We are well known for our cheeses and tulips. But don’t forget the 30% ruling. Every employee coming to the Netherlands wants to know whether or not this ruling will be applicable. The criteria seem straightforward, but checking eligibility can be quite tricky. The payroll process can also be a challenge, especially if the salary is just above the threshold. Just let us know if you need any help.


"Since part of my salary is paid into a foreign bank account, it’s not taxable in the Netherlands"