The impact of the global economy is becoming more apparent every day. This globalization has a huge impact on your workforce. In the past an ‘expat’ was often seen as the odd man out. Nowadays, working with international employees is essential for the growth of your business. Employees are flying in and out and recruiters are no longer afraid to look across the border. This international workforce demands a different approach from employers as well.

Obviously you want your company to grow and you want to act fast on international business opportunities. However, you also want to make sure that you are compliant around the world. This can start with a simple meeting or a gross to net calculation. But maybe you are looking for a new expat policy, a tax advice or a temporary addition to your HR team. We can help in every step of the process. Have a look at our services to see what Glomotion can do for you.


Paying taxes in two countries can be quite rewarding. However, depending on the country combination, personal deductions and the total remuneration package, working abroad can also result in a disadvantage. Good advice at an early stage is essential to avoid any unwanted surprises. Whether you want a quick call, a tax meeting or a full fledged memo, Glomotion can help.

There can be various reasons why your global mobility team or HR department is in need of temporary assistance. A sick employee or someone leaving the company? Maybe you structuraly want to add an expert to your team who can answer any internal question that comes up? Whether you’re a company or a consultancy firm, the expertise of Glomotion can be of great added value. 

For companies with an international ambition, global mobility is a very important piece of the HR puzzle. We can help convince internal stakeholders about the importance of global mobility. If everyone is on board, we can help with your expat policy or with the daily execution. Instead of a copy-paste document that ends up somewhere in your bottom drawer, we deliver a tailor-made product covering all your assignments.

If you are hired from abroad and your salary is sufficient, you might qualify for the 30% ruling. Based on the ruling, 30% of your original agreed upon gross salary can be paid out as a tax free allowance. The allowance is deemed to cover temporary extra costs related to your Dutch employment. We can assist with the application, but we can also do an annual payroll review to make sure that the 30% ruling is processed correctly.

International social security has it’s completely own set of rules. If there is a social security agreement or in case of an assignment within the EU, the home country social security can usually be continued. If an employee works in multiple countries or one with no social security agreement in place, we can advice on the exact situation. Whether you need to pay social security abroad or you want to apply for voluntary insurances, we can help.

At Glomotion we love sharing our knowledge. We can update everyone in your organization on the 183-days rule, international social security, working with foreign freelancers or the ins and outs of the 30% ruling. With a morning session, a lunch workshop or a full-day session, your HR staff is fully up to speed on the latest global mobility developments. All you have to do is pick a topic and we’ll take care of the rest.

Misconception #3

"I’m not eligible for the 30% ruling, since my annual gross salary is only € 42,000"