There can be different reasons why you are looking for temporary assistance. This can be new legislation or a change in your policy that needs to be implemented. It can also be a compensation & benefits specialist on leave or a manager who found a new job. In a specialized field like global mobility, it can be hard to find an experienced temporary replacement who is a good fit with your team. We cherish this interim role.

On the one hand we can act as a sparring partner, answering day to day questions your HR team may have. One the other hand we can fully take over the more complex advisory work and liaise with different stakeholders. As a matter of fact, it might be so efficient that you could start wondering why it’s temporary in the first place. Give me call if you want to discuss your temporary needs and let’s see if we can come up with a perfect fit.


We can prepare any calculation you can think of. From a simple gross to net calculation to a full scale salary split with multiple countries involved.

Policy support

We can help with the enforcement of your current policy, look for possible improvements or even draw up a completely new expat policy,

Share based incentives

We can help processing your long-term incentive plans through the payroll. We can also review new or existing plans from a tax point of view.

Tax meetings

We can do your entrance or exit meetings, answering questions and take away any doubts your employees might have.

Salary adjustments

We can prepare a new balance sheet calculation. We can also help with an explanatory letter or have a meeting with the employee.

Assignment coordination

You want each assignment to be a success. To avoid any hiccups, you need a skilled, responsive partner during the entire assignment process.

Taxation on cross-border employment

When it comes to taxation on cross-border employment income , the devil really is in the detail. How do you have to count the foreign workdays? Is there a salary recharge and if there is, what does it look like? We have been doing this for over 10 years. Based on this experience, you can be sure that every piece of the puzzle is in the right place. 

Misconception #5

"During my assignment I will not build up a state pension entitlement"