Glomotion started in January 2018. Over the past few years we noticed a substantial change in the clients’ needs and expectations. Instead of explaining 5 different scenarios, companies are more interested in the one scenario that applies to them with some practical guidelines. Instead of elaborate memo’s, more and more companies just wanted to have a quick call.

We love these calls. Instead of being vague trying to sell a follow-up advice, we actually enjoy giving you the answers you are looking for. This approach is what sets Glomotion apart. Hundreds of pages of wage tax legislation, case law and tax treaty provisions can be discussed in a call that sometimes lasts no more than 30 minutes.

We don’t have the full line-up of partners, (senior) managers and consultants. We also don’t have a fancy office. What we do have is a passion for global mobility and a constant drive to help our clients any way we can. Our promise is simple yet refreshing. If you have a question, we can give you the answer. High quality tax advice in a fast and cost efficient way.

We do not talk about exceptional client service or enhancing the ’employee experience’. We deliver. In case there is an occasional hiccup, you give us a call and we will fix it. Instead of annual satisfaction surveys, we believe in regular human contact to make sure everyone is happy. Sounds simple? It is, or at least it is to us.

Glomotion policy support

As more and more employees start working across the border, employers need to start thinking about an expat policy. Those 4 expats you had last year, might have already doubled in size. Before you know it, things can get quite messy. Employees without insurance, incorrect salary payments or discussions about the compensation package. Prevention is better than cure. We can help you build a policy based on best practices. That way, your expat population can further expand without any complications.


"Since I already studied in the Netherlands before I found a job, I won’t be eligible for the 30% ruling"