For an employer, dipping your toe in the international employment waters can be quite cold. The different international wage tax and social security rules might seem endless at first. When you finally think you’re starting to understand everything, there turns out to be an exception to the exception. Therefore, if you want to send an employee to another country or if you intend to hire someone from abroad, let us assess the case at hand.

We can instantly give you a practical overview of all the things you need to consider for yourself and for your employee(s). We can explain this through a call, a meeting or an e-mail. The only thing you have to do is ask.

If you are an international organization with years of experience when it comes to sending your employees abroad, your service needs will be different. Policies are in place for most standard situations. However, you might need an extra set of hands to make sure that these policies are up to date or applied correctly. We can also help with the occasional ‘exotic’ employee who seems to fall outside the scope of any policy.

Don’t worry if you are already working with another service provider. We can be complimentary for ‘out of scope’ questions or a second opinion. We can even coordinate your existing provider to improve overall efficiency. Below you will find some of our services.

Advisory services

Want to hire a foreign employee or send someone across the border? We can advise on all implications and avoid unwanted surprises.

Policy support

We can help with the enforcement of your current policy, look for possible improvements or even draw up a completely new expat policy,


We can prepare any calculation you can think of. From a simple gross to net or balance sheet calculation to a TEQ or full scale salary split.

Interim projects

Whether you're looking for a new policy, the annual salary review is coming up or you need a temporary replacement. Glomotion can help!

Glomotion academy

We are not afraid to share our knowledge. With our in-house training modules, we can bring everybody within your organization up to speed.

Long-term incentives

It can be hard telling the difference between restricted shares, RSU's and options. Each plan has it's own tax rules, so solid advice is essential.

Tax meetings

We can do your entrance or exit meetings, answering questions and take away any doubts your employees might have.

Assignment coordination

You want each assignment to be a success. To avoid any hiccups, you need a skilled, responsive partner during the entire assignment process.

Second opinion

Some advices raise questions instead of answering them. Let us have a second look so you can be sure you're doing the right thing.

Expat policy support

As more and more employees start working across the border, employers need to start thinking about an expat policy. Those 4 expats you had last year, might have already doubled in size. Before you know it, things can get quite messy. Employees without insurance, incorrect salary payments or discussions about the compensation package. Prevention is better than cure. We can help you build a policy based on best practices. That way, your expat population can further expand without any complications.