If you are a foreign contractor working for a Dutch company or a Dutch freelancer working abroad, specific rules apply when it comes to tax and social security. A common misconception is that the 183-days rule also applies to freelancers. Each tax treaty has a different set of rules to determine what country is entitled to levy tax. Since your personal affairs are intertwined with your professional tax matters, a solid advice is essential.

In a lot of countries the tax authorities are closely monitoring the growing number of freelancers. Sometimes they might even disagree with your independent status. You want to avoid that you will qualify as a deemed employee, so a solid contractual set-up is very important. We can review your contract to avoid time consuming discussions with the tax authorities afterwards. Have a look at our other services to see what else we can do for you. 

Advisory services

Asked to work on a project across the border and curious about the consequences? Let us review your situation to avoid any unwanted surprises.


We can prepare any calculation you can think of. From a simple gross to net calculation to a split calculation with multiple countries involved.

Contract review

If you're a freelancer, a solid contractual set-up is very important. Let us review your contract to avoid any discussions with the tax authorities.

Social security

We can assist with all your social security issues. From an advice on your social security position to a simple A1 application. We got you covered!

Tax meeting

If you want to discuss your tax position, we prefer a face to face meeting. That way we can also answer any follow-up questions you might have.

Deemed employment

If a company tells you how to do your job, the tax authorities might see you as a deemed employee. Let us help and limit the risks of a requalification.

Taxation on cross-border employment

When it comes to taxation on cross-border employment income , the devil really is in the detail. How do you have to count the foreign workdays? Is there a salary recharge and if there is, what does it look like? We have been doing this for over 10 years. Based on this experience, you can be sure that every piece of the puzzle is in the right place.